Curiouser and Curiouser: What caught our eyes online this week

“Curiouser and Curiouser!” cried Alice…
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Welcome to Chasing Reference’s weekly roundup of the curious articles and links that have caught our eye this week!

  • Want to get one new tech term a day in your inbox, complete with a “Cocktail Party Fact” for relaying this information to your friends?  Skillcrush has you covered. Recent examples: pseudocode, HTTPS, and AJAX.
  • Canadian federal libraries and archives are being seriously threatened by budget cuts.  Learn more and join the fight to  Save Library & Archives Canada.
  • Behold: the You Tube Time Machine. Pick a year, from 1860 to the present, and select categories, including movies, music, sports, commercials, current events, commercials, tv, and video games. Then you sit back, relax and marvel at how these things once captivated us.
  • Maurice Sendak passed away this week. Watch his uncanny interview with Stephen Colbert and listen to his reflective interview with Terry Gross.
  • “Your 2-year-old can play with an iPad. But the technology behind such marvels is complex and invisible, abstracted away from the human controlling it. Nor do these technologies offer us many ready chances to do basic programming on them. For nearly all of us, code, the language that controls these objects and in a way controls our world, is mysterious and indecipherable.”  A fascinating Slate article on learning to program, Ruby, and _why (not a typo).

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