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Back in my very first post, Public Librarian: Day in the Life, I mentioned that my public library has two branches, and I often work and travel between the two. Doing so necessitates the art of traveling light, and therefore, as much as I love my review journals (oh, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Horn Book, Library Journal, and the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, I do love you!), I often have to leave them behind in my office while I am traveling.  What, then, is a librarian to do in order to stay current on all things book and library related? I found the answer in my trusty blog reader, Google Reader. It has become my preferred traveling resource for all things library and book news related. All I need to access it is a computer with internet access (AKA: a reference desk!) to read some of my favorite blogs and stay well informed of what’s going on in the library-world.

Although I follow many different blogs, there are some that have risen to become my favorites, and I consider vital to staying well informed. To begin with, many of ALA’s associations have wonderful informative blogs. ALSC’s blog is a must-read for any librarian working with children. From inventive programs and storytime ideas,  thought-provoking articles on library practices, to fantastic book recommendations, they cover it all. If you are a librarian working with young adults, YALSA’s blog  is full of informative articles on YA services and interesting tech insights and trends.

School Library Journal hosts a variety of blogs, all of them interesting and insightful, but I find myself again and again turning to Elizabeth Bird of the New York Public Library’s blog, A Fuse 8 production. Written with wit and grace, A Fuse 8 covers new books and library news.

100 Scope Notes, written by school librarian Travis Jonker, contains a wealth of interesting reviews and insights into children’s literature. The feature, Morning Notes, collects fascinating news and links of all things book and library related, and is a feature not to be missed.

A fantastic resource, one not to be missed, is Cynsations. Written by author Cynthia Leitich Smith, this blog extensively covers all things in the publishing world regarding children’s and YA literature, focuses on free speech advocacy, provides inspiring author interviews and much more.

With the help of these blogs, and others like them, I am able to stay well-informed and up-to-date, while still traveling light between locations. Yet the wonderful thing about blog readers is that there is always room for one more blog. So tell me, dear readers, what blogs are on your must follow list?

One thought on “Travel Reading

  1. BookView Cafe blog:

    Described as “Book View Café is a cooperative publishing effort among authors across all genres, from science fiction to romance to historical to mainstream. We function as editors, copyeditors, formatters, cover artists, and site maintainers . . . . Our blog is updated daily with posts from member authors. Subject matter is up to the authors. There are no rules, guidelines, or speed limits.”

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