Recommended Reading for College-Bound and College Students

by Amelia Mowry and Emily Hamstra

Since the late 1960s, the University of Michigan Undergraduate Library has been publishing a list of recommended reading in a variety of disciplines. The list, entitled Read Read Read, was sent to admitted students to provide them with good books that would broaden their horizons and introduce them to college-level reading. We no longer send the list to incoming students, but we do provide a copy on our website.

This year Amelia Mowry, University Library Associate and School of Information student, updated the list to appeal to college-bound students and current undergraduate students. Amelia updated many of the titles on the list, and changed the format of the list from print to digital. The updated version of the list is a libguide. Creating the list as a libguide allowed us to easily make Read Read Read more visually appealing than the print version, and allowed us to link the titles to Worldcat so the books can be found in local libraries.

Read Read Read can serve as a readers’ advisory tool for students seeking pleasure reading. We plan to direct college-bound students to the list when they tour the library on field trips. We hope that future students will take the opportunity to explore the rest of the site, as well as the list, to learn what resources an academic library has to offer.

The list is similar to the ALA resource Outstanding Books for the College Bound. In fact, the book was a useful resource for us during this project. The Read Read Read list contains more than 120 books on a variety of topics students might encounter in their first year at college. We selected books that were college-level reading, but that didn’t require a lot of background knowledge on the part of the reader; we want these books to be useful to introduce students to new disciplines. Most importantly, we want these books to be fun. We want to get students excited about reading and learning.

Read Read Read gives our patrons a way to browse for recommending reading whether they come to us in person or through our chat reference service (as some of our readers’ advisory questions do). We hope that you will find Read Read Read useful for your patrons, and we hope you find something interesting to add to your summer reading list.

Check out the Read Read Read list

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