Summer is coming…

When the days begin to get longer, the temperature starts to rise, and June begins to peek at you from just around the corner, you know what that means: Summer is coming! Summer:  that delightful season of sun and fun! And for public libraries, summer is also the start of Summer Reading. What is that? It can be many things: It can be that pile of delicious books you’ve been saving to read on the beach; it can be the list of required reading students are given to tackle before the fall semester; and it can be, as is the case for many public libraries across the country, a season-long celebration of our love of reading.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Summer Reading, it’s actually very simple: it is a special program offered in the summer where libraries encourage their patrons to read a set number of books to earn a prize. Yet, that is only the surface of Summer Reading. Take a visit to your local public library, and you might be surprised to see that your library has been transformed with festive decorations matching the Summer Reading theme, and the afternoons and evenings are filled with fun and informative programs to delight and entertain patrons of all ages. Around every corner, you’ll find creative and inviting displays of books, movies and more to draw your eye and catch your interest.

Although public libraries offer similar programs and events during the other seasons, summer is always our biggest and brightest celebration. This is the season where the most people stop by to visit us, so we are eager to show them our best. If we can entice them once during the summer, the odds are in our favor that they will come back. Summer is our season to show that we are more than just quiet rows of books to browse- the library is a place of fun and whimsy, excitement and entertainment, learning and delight.

Come celebrate summer this year at your local public library- join the festivities, embrace the fun! Celebrate the season that is perfect for reading, for summer, wonderful summer has arrived!

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