Thank you

This past Friday, ChasingReference had the honor and privilege of presenting our blog during the Emerging Leaders Poster Session at the ALA Annual Conference. We were delighted at the warm and welcoming response we received from all who attended our presentation. Thank you all so very much.
We at ChasingReference would like to give thanks to the many people and organizations that have helped us along the way:
  • Thank you to ALA for creating the Emerging Leaders program, which gave us this unique and wonderful opportunity.
  • Thank you to RUSA for sponsoring our project.
  • Thank you to our team mentors Amber Prentiss and Michael Hermann for guiding us throughout our project.
  • Thank you to Maureen Sullivan, Program Facilitator, and Beatrice Calvin, Program Coordinator, of the Emerging Leaders Program.
  • Thank you to Mary Pagliero Popp, Vice-President/President-Elect of RUSA,  for being such a strong supporter of Chasing Reference, as well as our first guest blogger.
  • Thank you to everyone who visited us at our poster session. It was a delight to meet and talk with you all.
  • And thank you to you, our dear readers, for staying with us on our journey

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