What’s your Pinterest?

I have to confess- I’m a pinner. I am one of the millions of people who are on Pinterest, the latest social networking craze.  When I first heard mumbles about Pinterest, I was curious- what is it? Pinterest, it turns out, is a mash between social networking and internet bookmarks. You create lovely, visual boards of pictures and links from across the internet that you can share with all your friends.

I find the visual aspect of Pinterest to be one of its most appealing features. In the past, when I’ve found something of interest on the internet, I’d make a simple bookmark, but those bookmarks were organized chaotically, and often the name of the saved link did little to reveal what I was saving. With Pinterest, I am able to save a visual reminder of what initially caught my eye- making it much more identifiable when viewed at a later date- and the ability to sort my saved links and pictures into themed boards provides an easily manageable and organized interface.

On a personal level, I find Pinterest merely amusing. However, on a professional level I have found Pinterest to be quite useful indeed. My Pinterest account is full of different boards highlighting program ideas, books displays, library quotes, and a wealth of other library-related ephemera. One quick look at my boards and I’m treated to a wealth of ideas and inspirations, providing instant inspiration at a mere click of a button.

I am by far not the first librarian to embrace Pinterest, though. Librarians and libraries have taken to Pinterest, creating some truly unique and interesting boards. Librarians like myself have boards full of library program ideas, book displays, and inspirational library and book quotes. Libraries are using Pinterest to reach out to patrons, creating visual booklists that link back to their catalogs, posting informative infographs, and photos of unique items in their collections. Libraries on Pinterest fascinate me- they are exploring a whole new way to reach out to patrons, fresh and unprecedented. It is interesting to see the many ways libraries are embracing it.

Interested in learning more about Pinterest in Libraries? Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Swiss Army Librarian: Pinterest is the New Black

LISNews: Pinterest for Libraries

Library Journal: Use Pinterest to Promote Your Programs and Services

Have you embraced Pinterest? Has your library? How are you using it? Please feel free to share- or pin!

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