Taking a Tumble with Tumblr

Recently,  The Digital Shift put together a fantastic article on Library and Literary Tumblrs to follow. The recommendations were fun and intriguing, and they really caught my eye and interest. Yet the article also left one slight, nagging, vaguely embarrassing question: “What on earth is a Tumblr, exactly?”

I’ve been following a few Tumblrs in my RSS feedreader, but had never really explored them in depth before. I had the sense that they were a mix between a Twitter tweet and a full-force blog, but the actual dynamics of the platform escaped me. Spurred on by the article, I decided to jump feet first into the world of Tumblr.

To begin my journey, I began with another excellent article from The Digital Shift, this one entitled Tumblrarian 101 by  Kate Tkacik. It very efficiently outlined what a tumblr was (my suspicions proved right: Tumblr is a mix between Twitter and blogging, with a bit of social networking tossed in for good measure), and explained the benefits of joining and following the platform. The article also linked to an extensive list of libraries and librarians already on Tumblr. Informed, I was ready to start tumbln’ myself.

Joining proved easy: to create an account, you need only an email address. Tumblr then walks you through an easy, intuitive process where you select a user name, choose topics the interest you, find friends already on Tumblr, and learn how to create your own posts and reblog other posts from people you follow. It’s incredibly easy, and within moments, it was simple to see why so many people have flocked to it. The Tumblr controls are simple to use and easy to intuit. The nature of the platform allows for quick posts and easy sharing, creating an altogether welcoming environment for a newbie of any level.

It’s fair to say I’ve taken a tumble for Tumblr- how about you, Dear Readers? Are you one of the many librarians on Tumblr? Any advice for newbie Tumblr users? Or perhaps, Dear Reader, you’ve been waiting to join? If so, then take the plunge with me, and let’s have fun tumbln’ together!


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