by Sarah Elichko

Why the name Chasing Reference?  Because librarians love acronyms.

A long, long time ago (January), five Emerging Leaders were brainstorming clever and catchy names for their team.  Technically, we were Team O, but this name didn’t exactly give us a great blog title.  We discussed various name options to no avail.  But shortly before leaving the Emerging Leaders session, a group member pointed out that the first letters of our names make a great acronym: CHASE.

In addition to acronyms, librarians also love jargon.  Possibly even more than we love putting things in order.  So the Chasing Reference team couldn’t resist the opportunity to create new jargon to describe putting things in order.  In situations where ordinary alphabetical sorting might do (like our About page), we arrange things “in CHASER order” – Carrie, Heather, Amy, Sarah, Emily.


One thought on “C-H-A-S-E

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